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Library Media Specialist: Nikki Slinkard

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Checkout Policy
Students may checkout 3 books at a time.
Books are due 3 weeks from checkout date.
If a book is out late, only one additional book can be checked out.

Accelerated Reader

What is Accelerated Reader?

AR is a computer program that assists teachers in monitoring their students’ independent reading practice.  Students choose books within their own individualized reading level to read.  When finished, a short quiz is taken on the computer.  Passing the quiz with an 80% or higher indicates a student comprehended what was read.  Teachers, as well as students, are given feedback on quiz results.

At Mulberry Middle School, Each student has a personalized goal each quarter to reach.  Students who meet their quarterly reading goal with an AR comprehension average of 80% or higher, will earn rewards each quarter.

At Mulberry Middle School, students make their Accelerated Reader goal and earn our schoolwide incentives by:

  • Taking Accelerated Reader quizzes within or above their suggested ZPD (Reading Level)
  • Maintaining an overall comprehension average of 80% or higher
  • Reaching or exceeding their individualized point goal

How do I know if the book I am reading is an AR book?

Most all books in the Mulberry Middle School Media Center have a label inside the front cover that tells what the book’s AR level is.  You can check any book by using the link below.

How do I monitor AR progress towards my goal?

You can view AR progress through the Accelerated Home Connect link below.

Username: 6 digit student ID #  Password: 4 digit birthday, MMDD

Parents can sign up for email notification of tests taken and grade earned.  This is a great tool for parents to support and encourage their child while they are working towards their A.R Goal. Just look for the “Email Setup” in the top right corner.

Accelerated Home Connect


Sunshine State Young Readers

Students may check out ONE Sunshine State book at a time.

They can read and test on any Sunshine State Books, even if they are not in their A.R level.

SSYRA Poster

Pass the A.R test with a 70% or higher to earn:

Brag Tag for each book read & name signed on wall

3 Books-Attend Sunshine State Voting Breakfast!

6 Books-Exclusive Pencil/Bookmark

9 Books-Panther Pedal Desk Fast Pass

12 Books-End of Year SSYRA Celebration

15 Books-Name/Photo on Panther News Network

District Online Resources/Databases