MMS is a technology-rich environment for teachers and students. A few of the ways technology impacts our students are via student response systems, science equipment, digital cameras, television equipment, Skype for distance communication, iPads, Kindles, classroom sound amplification systems, Smart Boards/slates, and internet programs used to edit art projects. Students routinely access the computer-based reading program, Achieve 3000. They have the opportunity to complete assignments and collaborate through Office 365 and Google Apps. The ample student-to-computer ratio enables student access across curriculum.

Teachers are encouraged to participate in on-site training as well as to seek training toward effective classroom use. Our staff recognizes the students’ interests in technology and the importance of effective use of technology toward academic success.



Visit the PCSB BYOD site here


BYOD has arrived! We are excited about students being able to use their personal devices to connect to WiFi. Students have been informed of the expectations through Administrative intercom announcements and discussions with their teachers. Please be advised that there are requirements regarding the BYOD’s. Parents and students must sign and return the County Parent/Student Agreement for processing and teachers must complete County training pertinent to BYOD. MMS has specific expectations and policies regarding BYOD in order to enhance academic achievement.



Reach for the Cloud! The Office 365 Education Package

We are pleased to announce that our students now have access to the Office 365 Education package, which includes Office Suite Online, OneDrive cloud storage with the ability to collaborate and share documents, and 5 copies of Office 365 for home download.  Providing 5 copies allows the students access to their 365 account on multiple devices for their academic endeavors. Students also have access to email through their office 365 account. They will continue to use Google Apps in addition to Office 365. Students can also access Office 365 using their mobile devices. Students may log in through the website by clicking on the student drop down and look for Office 365 link or by going to classlink.

Their sign- in information is:

    Password: student portal password

This information should be the same as student computer access the students use every day at school. A major benefit to the student Office Education licenses is the ability to install Office at home, giving students a tool to be even more successful in the classroom. 

Directions for installing Office 2016 on your home computer:

Log on Office 365 from the computer you want the software on from The Office 365 link is at the bottom left of the page. Once you have logged on it should be on your home page. The page that comes up first can be changed. You can have it start on the Outlook page for email, or the documents page if you frequent documents or maybe the OneDrive page. Look in the upper right hand corner for a gear icon, click it and choose Office 365 settings. This is where you can change your home page or go to your “about me” page to change your profile picture. Click on “software” on the left hand side of the page and follow the directions for downloading the software you want on your home computer. Make sure you have a good, fast connection before you start the download. It should take 15 or 20 minutes depending on download speeds.